10 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make, According to Reddit

A user with the account name u/ChrisVIII posed a fascinating prompt in the r/AskReddit subreddit over the weekend. He wrote: “What improved your quality of life so much, you wish you did it sooner?”

Reddit — for those who’ve never really taken the plunge — has a bit more self-awareness (and self-moderation) than social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Commenters tend to be more honest, factual and thorough than most others on the internet, and because the site relies on user upvotes, as opposed to an agenda-driven algorithm, a subreddit’s best answers generally rise to the top.

Which is why we were so excited to stumble upon this particular thread, which naturally intersects with a ton of coverage we’ve done this year in the vein of sustainable fitness and longevity. (If you haven’t read our guide to living to 100, by the by, you can check that out here.)

There are literally 20,000 answers to this question, but we took the liberty of sourcing 10 of the most popular suggestions and detailing them below. You’ll notice that these “commandments” — and their accompanying quotes — are not exactly mind-bending pieces of wisdom. But they are helpful reminders on how you can start living a healthy life tomorrow. More often than not, it’s those gentle nudges that we’re actually able to follow through on.

Maybe you’ll read through the list and say “Hmm, I already do everything here.” In that case, we recommend heading to the prompt, and combing through yourself for some extra insights. It’s high time we talked openly about qualify of life, even if on an anonymous message board. Look for “stealable” items and add ’em to your routine. You will not regret it.

Walking every single day

“After years of trying to run, I simply started walking. Five to seven miles a day in good weather. It is literally life changing in terms of mental and physical health.”

Taking a yearly vacation

“Even something simple. Time away from the usual day-to-day works wonders.”

Figuring out your priorities

“I stopped saying yes to thing I didn’t want to do.”

Hydrating like you meant it

“I started drinking water first thing in the morning and keep it up throughout the day.”

Getting a good bed

“I’ll never go back to a cheap bed. Unbelievably worth every damn penny.”

Purging excess possessions

“I went full Marie Kondo on my closet. Felt weird, but it was great.”

Quitting drinking

“Everything else came with that: Early mornings. Exercise. Weight loss. Rebuilding relationships. Remembering everything.”

Cycling to work

“It’s exercise and transportation for free, plus I actually feel awake when I get there.”

Stopping negative self-talk

“If I wouldn’t say it to a friend, I don’t say it to myself. My confidence has shot through the roof.”

Retiring earlier than anticipated

“Should have done it much sooner. Blood pressure is down. Lost weight. No longer stressed out. Can now talk to people without wanting to kill them.”