15 Most Popular Malang Tours that Must Be Visited

15 Most Popular Malang Tours that Must Be Visited. When it comes to daily living, it is essential to take the time to go on a vacation. The benefits of a vacation are numerous. Of course, its primary purpose is as a means of easing tension due to the constant burden every day. Furthermore, holidays can also be used as a method to strengthen relationships or bonding among families. Take note of the fact that there are many opportunities to bond with family members. In Indonesia, numerous tourist destinations can be used as tourist attractions such as Malang. In this article, we will discuss ten tourist spots in Malang. After having visited the 10 tourist sites in Malang, It is a guarantee that you’ll be at peace and ready to tackle your next task.

Malang is a tourist destination that has many attractions in Malang That You Should Visit

1. Balekambang Beach

If you live in Malang City and want to experience the festive atmosphere of Tanah Lot, you must visit Balekambang Beach. The beach is like a holiday place that is located in Tanah Lot. This has been able to earn Balekambang Beach the label “Tanah Lot Malang.” This is not without justification. Like in Tanah Lot, on Balekambang Beach, there is also a temple on a coral-covered island close to the coast, specifically Pura Amerta Jati on Ismoyo Island. The beach has been frequented by visitors since. From the city’s center, it is necessary to travel 60 kilometers and pay a fee of between 10 and 15 thousand dollars (the price varies depending on the day of your visit) to take in the stunning beauty of the beach. There are a lot of beaches to enjoy.

2. Tiga Warna Beach

Variety of Tours on the Three Colors Beach

Even though the time limit is limited; however, you can participate in many exciting things during your visit to Tiga Warna Beach. There is an indication that you cannot swim without a buoy.

There are many exciting tours that you could enjoy while at Tiga Warna Beach, namely:

A. Relax And Enjoy Nature

Tiga Warna Beach has a stunning natural beauty, and the sand beach is white. However, the color of the sea around the shore is a beautiful turquoise, as some other hues of the ocean are blue. This is probably why the beach is named Tiga Warna Beach, presenting a unique natural color gradient. There are plenty of trees in the vicinity of Tiga Warna Beach, so the area is shaded but not hot.

It is possible to sit and relax in a hut and gaze towards the beach, which is not too large. In the vicinity of Tiga Warna Beach, there is an island known as Pulau Sempu. The island is large and boasts an extraordinarily thick and green forest.

B. Snorkeling and Diving

Another activity you could enjoy is snorkeling or diving. Nearby, there is a rental point to rent snorkeling equipment and dive gear. Then, you’ll be transported to the correct spot to snorkel and observe the marine life that lives on Tiga Warna Beach. It is the sole snorkeling location in Malang. While diving here, you are not allowed to utilize frog legs because it protects the already existing reefs of coral. In terms of diving and diving, it is only suitable for those diving in the past. If you don’t have one, then it’s not suggested.

C. Photo Hunting Spot

Within Tiga Warna Beach, there is an area with a breathtaking view. The hill has a viewing platform that can be used to capture photos. It is possible to reach the hill by taking the accessible path. The path is a little uphill. When you get to the top, you’ll see Tiga Warna Beach, a unique color in nature. Furthermore, several beaches are visible, and the dazzling beach of Sempu Island seems to complement the natural landscape that is shown.

3. Coban Rais

Nature tourism is always a source of comfort. Another natural attraction available to you when you’re located in Malang will be the Coban River. Coban Rais is one of the natural attractions that have the appearance of the shape of a waterfall. The lush greenery surrounding that waterfall makes this popular tourist destination extremely cool. The ambiance is perfect for those looking to relax. Coban Rais waterfall is 20 meters high. From this height, extremely cool water flows very cool. The visitors can enjoy the water near the edge of the waterfall. However, you are not permitted to go to the point of origin as it can be risky. To experience the natural beauty, you must pay a cost of 10 000 dollars.

4. Bromo

Mentigen Hill is more suitable for those who don’t want to be bothered by traveling to Pananjakan just to hunt for the Mount Bromo sunrise spot with the obligation to rent a jeep or jostle with the density of visitors. Sunrise and Panorama of Mount Bromo still look beautiful from the Mentigen spot, Camping, Milky Way photo hunting and Prewedding often use this location.

5. President’s Meatballs (Bakso Presiden)

After having enjoyed a range of natural sights and activities, it’s an ideal time for your family members to indulge in the numerous culinary delights offered throughout the bustling city of Malang. In the beginning, you can sample the well-known Bakso President. The remarkable thing about the meatball stall is that it’s located right close to the railway tracks. The atmosphere is an unforgettable experience for your family when you go on holiday. President’s meatballs can be found available at Jalan Batanghari number 5. The cost of the meatballs isn’t too costly or even affordable and is between 10 and 20 thousand.

6. Pecel Kawi

If you want to have an enormous meal, then it’s a good idea to sample the cuisine known as Pecel Kawi. Different kinds of vegetables are cooked over warm rice and served with various dishes ready to be consumed and are much more enjoyable when served with peanut sauce that has a distinct and distinctive taste. There are a variety of dishes that you can choose from, including catfish, eggs, and Bakwan corn, all of which are available for you to pick. Similar to Bakso President, you’ll only need to shell out between 10-20 thousand dollars.

7. Toko Oen Malang

After having enjoyed a variety of cuisine, it is time to sate your hunger with dessert. The place to go is Toko Oen Malang which is well-known for its famous Ice cream. From the beginning until today, Toko Oen has always maintained its high-quality flavors of Ice cream. Although it has seen a variety of improvements in the flavor, the quality remains the same. One flavor which has lots of people who love it is the flavor that combines coffee and fruits. Therefore, it is guaranteed that all the family members will take pleasure in the snacks offered at this Ice cream shop.

8. Malang Square

In the evening it is possible to take a trip. One of the places you can go to is Malang Square. In the evening, you can be entertained by the sight of fountains dancing and equipped with different kinds of lighting effects that will draw the attention of your friends.

9. Eco Green Park

When located in Malang, a fantastic location that you should go to is Malang’s Eco Green Park. The park is a tourist attraction that has many fabulous places. Visitors can visit a place filled with objects that have been fashioned in the shape of animals.

There’s also an upside-down home that is a large room full of glass, as seen in some Naruto cartoons. It’s a lot of fun, but you must get out.

Additionally, you will also visit the bird and insect exhibit. There are a variety of birds and insects you’ve never encountered before. They originate from the western region of Indonesia to the eastern end. There are many more places that will astonish you.

Yes, the entry tickets for Eco Green Park for one person are around 70 million rupees. If you visit on a weekday, and not during weekend days, the price will be less than that.

10. Malang Transport Museum

Are you still struggling with Malang? If you are still struggling, make sure to visit The Angkut Museum. It is a fascinating place. Visitors will be presented with different car models from time past to present. So you can envision for yourself the excitement.

In the Malang Transport Museum, there are several fascinating places to explore. The first is in the Main Hall Zone. Here you can be treated to old-fashioned cars that are elegant and traditional. It’s just natural since earlier, vehicles were owned by those who were wealthy.

In addition to the Main Hall Zone, you will also be able to explore The Education Zone, Batavia Zone and Chinatown, Gangster Zone and Broadway Street, European Zone, as well as other zones. There are many different areas that you’ll be able to explore when you visit the Angkut Museum.

The entry price is affordable, which is just 100 thousand. So it’s worth it, dear readers. You will learn much about the auto world for just 100 thousand.

11. Selecta Malang

If you have friends who love gardening and flowers, This is the perfect time to take a trip to Selecta during your stay in Malang. The guests will be treated to the variety of flowers on each plot of the garden. It is ideal for relaxing and relaxing by taking in the beauty of natural beauty.

The cost of the Selecta admission ticket is affordable, and you will only have to pay 25000. It’s cheap.

12. Cangar Malang Hot Springs

Another spot to relax in Malang could be Cangar Hot Water. In Malang, where it is freezing, it’s evident that there are hot springs. However, alongside the hot springs, Hangar also has a natural landscape that is just as beautiful.

The natural beauty while bathing in warm water, accompanied by the sound of birds. The visitors can feel how gorgeous it is. The entry fee into Cangar Hot Spring is relatively inexpensive, just 15 thousand.

These are the top 12 tourist destinations in Malang to which you could take a trip to. If you happen to be on the way or even stop in town Malang, do not forget to check out the attractions listed above.