5 Unique Hotels in Singapore: Comfy and Affordable

5 Unique Hotels in Singapore: Comfy and Affordable

Unique is a word that describes unusual, different, and characteristic. Some people love unique things and find out about many unique things in this world. Well, in Singapore it also has many unique things, especially when you see unusual interiors. Some hotels in Singapore have unique interiors. We provide a list of unique hotels in Bugis, Singapore that are comfy and affordable here, just for you. 

The Scarlet Singapore Hotel

The Scarlet Hotel is one of the unique hotels in Singapore you can stay in. It is a boutique hotel and is one of the old conservation buildings in Singapore. The interior and concept of this hotel is a pre-World War Two architecture, unique, especially in the 21st century. When you walk around in this hotel environment, you will immediately feel the atmosphere of the past and like back in the past.

Here there are types of rooms and suites that you can use with interesting designs and concepts, of course, will make you feel at home and get a new experience. In addition, there is also a jacuzzi, meeting room, and fitness center. This hotel is located at 22 Erskine Rd, Singapore 069333.

Hotel NuVe

Hotel NuVe is one of the hotels in Bugis that has a unique concept and architecture. The hotel is located in a pre-war conservation site and has unique architecture. It has 43 rooms with various types such as NuVe single, NuVe basic, NuVe classic, and NuVe family. Of course, you can book and use other types of rooms that they provide. There is a complimentary minibar, game zone, restaurant, and café. This hotel is located at 9 Jln Pinang, Singapore 199141.

Wanderlust, The Unlimited Collection

Wanderlust is a hotel by oakwood that has a very unique concept. The hotel is located in the heritage Art Deco Building of the 1920s. You will experience the history and culture of the past in the 21st century. Here there are facilities that you can use such as laundry, rainshower, full kitchen, jacuzzi, and internet access. In addition, the hotel also has various types of rooms such as Deluxe, Deluxe studio, premier studio, and loft studio. This hotel is located at 2 Dickson Rd, Singapore 209494.

Lloyd’s Inn

Lloyd’s Inn is one of the unique boutique hotels in Singapore. It has 34 rooms with concepts and nuances of the past combined with modern properties. The hotel’s location is quite close to Orchard Road, a shopping and cultural center where you can find many unique items. When entering the lobby, you will be greeted by the same interior and feel as modern houses with spacious glass. There is also an outdoor pantry, roof terrace, dipping pool, and garden deck.

Here there are also many types of rooms, namely the standard room, the reading room, the garden room, the business room, the sky room, and the patio room (loft). This hotel is located at 2 Lloyd Rd, Singapore 239091.

The Great Madras

If you look at the photos from The Great Madras below, you will immediately find out that this hotel is quite unique. The design and architecture of this hotel do not release the structures from the past. Here there are many types of rooms, namely deluxe hostel, the good room, better room, balcony room, and the great suite. The hotel is also equipped with facilities such as a bistro, swimming pool, café, and Barber.

You can also find various shopping centers and restaurants around this hotel such as Indian heritage center, Sim Lim square, haji lane, kampong glam, Bugis street, and Arab street. This hotel is located at 28 Madras St, Singapore 208422.

That’s the list of unique hotels in Singapore for your great trip. The architecture, concepts, and design of each hotel will remind you of the past with the various stories behind the building. In addition, the unique concept is quite Instagramable and can be the background of your photos. Anyway, enjoy your stay!