Australian Made Timber Furniture: Things To Consider When Getting One

The dining table has developed into the social core of the family, functioning as more than just a place to dine on Australian made timber furniture. The round timber dining table may be your home’s most versatile piece of furniture, allowing people to create new products, organise game nights, and serve as the focal point for important conversations.

Round dining tables are becoming increasingly popular as more people invest in smaller homes around the country. These dining tables come in various materials and sizes and would look great in a well-designed dining kitchen or area.

The Advantages of Having a Round Timber Dining Table

To get the most out of your dining table, choose the size and shape that best matches your eating space. Most people prefer the traditional rectangle design since they grew up in houses with that precise dining area shape, which appears to match a rectangular and square space.

However, there’s another option to consider when purchasing a new Australian made timber furniture dining table for your house. A circular dining table has various advantages that may suit your needs. Here are a few advantages of having a round table in your home.

Ideal for Small Areas

Round tables have a smaller area than rectangular tables of the same size because there are no angles to waste space. This means a suitable circular table will satisfy a smaller space faster than a normal rectangular table. Furthermore, as everyone is seated at a small angle to the individual next to them, seated at a rectangular table seems less cramped.

Better Engagement With Others

A rectangular table may exclude those on the opposing side of a discussion. Starting a conversation with someone sitting on the same side as you is likely to be uncomfortable. You can’t see them, and it’s difficult to gain their attention without making them uncomfortable.

A round table, on the other hand, guarantees that everybody else faces the centre, ensuring that you are never left out of a debate. It’s easier to attract someone’s attention this way, and everyone at the table should participate. A feeling of openness encourages you to interact with others and makes for a more pleasurable interaction.

Of course, since you can reach out and obtain your favourite food at meals, you are less likely to forget it. Additionally, it is far less likely that somebody will move food platters around the table instead of dining and appreciating their breakfast or dinner. Because everyone is seated at a circular table, there is less passing and more eating and discussion.

Better Flow and Space

Because a round table has no sides, it gives more space for people to walk about and locate their timber dining chairs. A round table is suitable for formal dining settings and more open floor layouts, with the eating area off to the side in a more prominent location.

This better flow is crucial since you and anyone who may eat at your table will need space to put their games, assignments, meals, or resources. People also wish to be able to move freely around the table. People often purchase rectangular dining room tables for rectangular areas only to realise that there needs to be more space for everybody to sit comfortably on their timber dining chairs.

An Australian made timber circular dining table overcomes these issues by maximising space in a small area, resulting in little bumping and crowding when trying to sit. Moreover, there are no shared corners to get stuck on when attempting to reach the other side.

How Do You Determine Whether You Need a Round Table?

There are various strategies for determining if a round table is more appropriate to your available space.

Measure: Have a metre stick and measure the space you have. Include obstacles such as cupboards, windows, doors, cabinets, and other furniture, and take steps, so you know what you’re up against. It will get you started on determining the suitable table shape and size.

Masking Tape: Masking tape is perfect since it clings to the floor but is easy to remove and will not damage your flooring or carpet. Start by crossing two strips and walking around the perimeter to see whether you may freely travel. Then, draw another cross or “X” at a different angle on the floor above the central place. You must then be able to evaluate what size and shape would work best.

However, remember the space behind the chairs while using circular tables. People often need to pay more attention to the extra space necessary to pull out the seats. However, to enable chairs to move in and out swiftly, you must leave at least two feet between the table’s edge and the wall, preferably more.

After you’ve completed all of your dimensions, you’ll know exactly how much space you have to deal with for your new table. The next thing to consider is whether a round table would be better suited for the restricted space.


An Australian made timber furniture round timber dining table is perfect for those with small homes since it makes dinner parties more intimate without adding extra effort. It may bring your family together and motivate them to play games encouraged by the table’s shared centre region.