Bearded Dragon Meals – Beware of Food items That Can Kill Your Pet!

The Bearded Dragon foodstuff you need to have to give your pet ranges from bugs, to fruits, to dwell animals to veggies. They have respectable appetites and usually are not quite picky eaters but there are some meals you should really never ever give your Beardie due to the fact even a single food of that kind can bring about a deadly response.

While it is really ok to give your pet certain bugs, you should not give him a firefly (also identified as a lightning bug) for any cause by any means. The firefly has a chemical-the luminescence-in the overall body that will eliminate a Beardie.

Other Bearded Dragon meals although not promptly poisonous like the firefly can lead to a chain of occasions that will get rid of your pet. Food items like insects with tough shells don’t go by way of the Beardie’s digestive method and finish up leading to an impaction to establish. An impaction takes place when the food receives trapped.

Never give your Bearded Dragon food items that could have call contamination with any variety of pesticide. That means never go picking up food for your Beardie from the yard. While Beardies enjoy to devour insects and they are thought of a staple in the diet plan, not all insects are safe and sound for them.

Some spiders are deadly for the Beardie and some are not, so much better to steer clear of them than to threat it. Also, stay away from iceberg lettuce simply because it can upset their tummy and lead to diarrhea which can guide to dehydration and dying. Prevent any meals that’s much too huge for the pet as nicely as furry rodents since the fur is hard on their digestive system.