How To Use Eco-Friendly Blister cards To Delight Your Customers? 6 Cool Tips

How To Use Eco-Friendly Blister cards To Delight Your Customers? 6 Cool Tips

Eco-friendly material is one that is safe for the environment as it does not emit any chemicals.  Now, businesses use eco-friendly materials for their products to contribute to the environment, besides human health is also very important. Packaging companies are now using eco-friendly cold seal blister cards with safe inks and papers. The ink does not enter into the inner product nor does it fade or stick to your hands.

Both paper and ink are made from organic materials to make green products, which are free from toxins. Even if you burn them, these boxes won’t emit chemicals. Moreover, such packaging is also recyclable and helps save money. Eco-friendly blister cards packaging is ideal for e-commerce packaging and wholesale products. Likewise, the in-house products also need storage and delivery, so such boxes can enhance their productivity. With blister cards, well-packaged products enhance customer experience and help you compete with your business rivals or competitors.

Eco-friendly packaging can delight your customers in many ways like style, design, color, durability, etc. Whether you are selling online or offline, you will get repeat business, besides, your clients would also refer you to others on different platforms. There are various ways to make your customers happy through these boxes as described below, so stay with us till the end.

Eco-Friendly Boxes for Unboxing:

These days, people are fond of unboxing over social media like Instagram and YouTube videos. You can spread the brand identity through unboxing if the packaging is innovative and functional. You can do it by yourself or through famous social media personalities. Especially, young shoppers love nice and stylish stuff.

Innovative Interior:

You can delight your customers with innovative designs. For example, look at the L Occitane that distributes its beauty items in stylish boxes. One of its boxes is brown from the outside whereas the interior is yellow and white with yellow tissue paper and a Thank You note. Such ideas suddenly attract a person when he or she receives the product; besides, it reinforces the business image and its quality.

Eco-Friendly Packaging With Stickers:

You can delight your customers by putting stickers on Cold Seal Blister Cards.  Like, place brand logo stickers, Twitter handles, or some notes. If it’s a holiday event, you can greet your customers through greeting notes pasted on the boxes in a stylish way.  You can also ask your customers to give their reviews on a particular packaging.

Many brands use packaging that people can use from both sides. The reversible box can be suitable for gift wrapping after unboxing. Whereas sometimes the whole box becomes reusable by turning both sides inside out like they have two different colors and printing styles.

Offer Sustainable Packaging:

If you make sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, your customer would become happy. Like, make these boxes free from any glue so your customers with retail packaging can easily open and recycle them. When the receiver knows that the material is safe, he or she won’t hesitate to reuse it to develop other things. Such cardboards help create different things without an additional cost. Besides, users don’t have to throw a box into trash.

You can also run a campaign for your customers by offering them to return the shipping bag. In return, you can offer them some discounts or gifts or coupons. All these things can help grow your business through brand promotion. Customers can return these boxes online or in your store.

Sometimes the boxes are stylish and people don’t like to throw them, so they use them for keeping jewelry or other items.  You can sell your products in a stylish box to enhance sustainability. I have seen many people collecting blister cards, like perfume boxes, watch or jeweler boxes, etc.

Use Cost-Effective Packaging:

If you think you can’t afford expensive boxes, you can make them simple by pasting embossed stickers over them. This kind of trick will make your packaging look luxurious even though it is cheap. The embossed stickers won’t cost you much, and you can print anything on them. Likewise, you can add ribbons, bows, clips, and other things to make simple boxes stylish. You can also use custom tape or stamps on brown boxes to be prominent.

Moreover, the packing slips should also be creative, like labels can be used to enhance your brand. Different slogans and taglines also look attractive if added in unique ways. These things also make your customers happy.

Put Free Gifts inside a Box:

Many brands promote themselves by placing gifts inside the box. Groceries often do this, like spices in a noodles box, or free samples inside a perfume box, hair color box, beauty box, etc. You would have seen big brands putting samples in their shipments. This technique motivates people to repurchase your product, eventually, your sales grow.

Final Words:

Blister Cards For Medication cannot just safely deliver products but they can delight customers if you design them well. You can do so through stickers, samples, sustainable packages, colors, fonts, and reusable material. When you make your customer believe that they are a special business, they will repurchase that product and also refer it to friends. Other than making customers happy, you can also enhance your business through attractive packing. Sometimes such strategies can make people your permanent clients. So, don’t forget to consider material while packaging.