First Attempt at NEET? Know How You Can Score 650+ Marks in NEET

First Attempt at NEET? Know How You Can Score 650+ Marks in NEET

Undoubtedly, NEET is one of the highly anticipated and the most prestigious medical entrance tests conducted annually for young medicine enthusiasts. Close to 16-17 lakh students register to appear at NEET every year, and the number only grows. All this for a portion of seats available across the country, with this fierce competition, preparation is bound to be to the point. 

If you are here, you are probably attempting this coveted entrance test for the very first time. But, my readers, why settle for less? Why not aim to top the test and secure AIR 1? It is certainly achievable. 

Over the years, we have been observing the trends, and it is clear from the statistics that if you set your mind to anything, even topping at NEET 2022 and work towards it, you could be the next topper. Just have the conviction and belief. What you sow, that you reap – if you feed your mind with a slightly lesser score, you will end up working and preparing just within that bracket. In NEET 2021, 3 NEET aspirants went on to top the test with a score of 720 out of 720! Next could be you.

How to Score 650+ Marks in NEET at the First Attempt?

Now, let us address the question of the article – how to score 650+ marks in NEET in the very first attempt in the following steps listed below: 

Sound evaluation plan

A practical plan with a good evaluation scheme forms the base of your strong preparation. Frame and document a good study schedule with all your priorities intact, while being realistic about goals to be achieved.

Acquainted with pattern

NEET aspirants are required to be thorough with the pattern of NEET, the marking scheme of the test, the weightage of chapters in the syllabus etc. All this can be understood by referring to previous years’ NEET question paper. All important cues can be extracted from them.

NCERT study material 

NCERT is the resource for NEET, which must be mastered. More than 85-90% of the question paper is based on NCERT content, either directly or indirectly. Apart from this, one can refer to the relevant sources too, such as NCERT at your fingertips, NCERT exemplar, MTG publications etc., to be able to answer all types of questions.

Tackling each section of NEET

It is important for students to know what topics should be prioritised and which of the content is irrelevant. Download a copy of the syllabus from the official website for each of the sections and prepare for Physics, Chemistry and Biology in accordance. 

Preparation for NEET Physics

  • Prioritise conceptual clarity as this section assesses the analytical capability 
  • Gain knowledge by solving as many questions to be able to apply theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems
  • For the best learning experience, you can opt for visual learning platforms 
  • Interlink different concepts to build a strong base 
  • Practise as many questions

Preparation for NEET Chemistry

  • Most of the questions from this section are directly asked from NCERT syllabus and hence is a scoring section 
  • Having a sound understanding of the basics from class 11 and class 12 concepts both is a must 
  • Get creative with learning and use different resources for the same 

Preparation for NEET Biology 

  • Master concepts of biology covered in NCERT syllabus from class 11 and 12
  • Prepare your own notes, highlight important points
  • Solve as many question papers and revise concepts regularly 

Take up mock tests 

Solving papers is a good start to get familiarised with the format of the paper, manage time, improve levels of accuracy and speed etc. However, to take your preparation one step further, take up as many mock tests as possible and work on your areas of improvement.

All in all, one must stay dedicated, positive and determined to crack NEET exams. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for relevant content on NEET.