Fox News thrives on a president’s woes

Fox News thrives on a president’s woes

As the nation begins year three of the pandemic, President Joe Biden remains in the doldrums of low approval ratings just after marking the milestone of 365 days in office.

Kate McKinnon, reprising her role on “Saturday Night Live” as Fox News’ late-night host Laura Ingraham on “Ingraham Angle,” found little to like a year into Biden’s presidency.

Ingraham noted Biden’s job anniversary by weighing these accomplishments: “Can we all admit it’s a disaster? Inflation is out of control, gas is at $19 a gallon, and the green M&M has been canceled.”

After calling White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki the “former Wendy’s spokes-girl,” Ingraham argued that liberals who support Biden “want to take away everything that makes you American.”

Those things include, guns, Morgan Wallen, backup guns, and “commercials where the whole family’s the same thing,” she said.

Actor and former ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member Will Forte hosts the show on Jan. 22, 2022. NBC

Waiting remotely in the wings of the “Ingraham Angle,” ahead of Novak Djokovic (Pete Davidson), and President Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson), was Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Texas Republican, played by Aidy Bryant, was described by Igraham as an antidote to this era of American weakness, a man “pushing back against Biden’s tyranny.”

Then Ingraham noted Cruz recently apologized on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for calling the participants of the Jan. 6, 2021, riot on the U.S. Capitol “terrorists.” In real life Cruz referred to the riot by supporters of Trump as a “violent terrorist attack.”

James Austin Johnson as Donald Trump appears in the opening on ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Jan. 22, 2022.NBC

Cruz reiterated that he’s sorry for the remark. He noted that the rioters were “big burly men.”

“Donald, if you’re watching, I love you baby,” Cruz said. “You are the king, honestly.”

Cruz transitioned to travel advice, warning that winter could have cold weather on tap for Texans.

“February is going to be a cold one, so you might want to book your vacay to Cancun now,” he said.

“Weekend Update” didn’t have much more love for Biden than “Ingraham Angle,” with co-host Colin Jost opening the news segment by noting the president’s press conference marking his first year in office lasted nearly two hours.

“Because that’s how long it took to mark everything that’s gone wrong,” he said.

Michael Che noted that U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona shook hands with multiple Republicans after she and fellow Democrat Joe Manchin, the senior senator from West Virginia, helped the GOP defeat an effort Wednesday to modify Senate rules that could have opened the door to the advancement of voting rights legislation.

“Ah, the U.S. Senate,” Che said, “keeping Black folks down with a quiet handshake since 1787.”

“SNL” didn’t solve democracy, but it did announce that two of its talents, Davidson and Jost, along with real estate agent Paul “the Italian” Italia, purchased a decommissioned ferry that served the pair’s native Staten Island.

They plan to dock it and turn it into an entertainment venue.

Davidson called ferries “the windowless van of the sea,” but he seemed pleased with his choice of partners, telling Jost, “You look like you own the yacht they rent out for rap videos.”

“It’s very exciting,” Jost said. “We thought the whole thing through.”

Former SNL cast member Will Forte, who stars on Peacock’s “MacGruber,” hosted. The musical guest was Måneskin.

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