Health Benefits of Running for the Female Body

In today’s atrociously dynamic lifestyle where every woman is scrambling to meet both ends meet, running can be an activity to escape from the chaos of life and indulge in the charm of self-care. Some women run to stay fit, whereas others run to compete in races or for the sheer love of the experience. However, do you know running isn’t new for women? In fact, there are records as old as 700 BC, where women ran in ancient Greece to honor the Greek Goddess Hera.


Do you want to experience the thrill of a healthy running sprint? Fret not, now you can always do it in Sharjah Ladies’ Run. This is their 8th glamorous return of SLC scheduled on 14th January 2023 at Shaghrafa Park for any woman above 12 years. Participants can join the run between 6 PM to 10 PM and the winner can get cash prizes up to AED 20,000. Undoubtedly this sounds lucrative as anything. However, if you still have any second thoughts, let’s dive into the health benefits of running.


Better muscle growth: Do you know running is a high-intensity anaerobic exercise that is one of the most potent stimulators of growth hormones? Thus running contributes to stronger muscles that can enhance performance and helps you gain strength and speed (yes, the effects are similar to the one produced by steroids, but just in a healthy and more natural way without any side effects).


Burn calories: Taking care of your diet and working out for hours might not seem like a possibility with a full-time job or family, but you can always opt for a quick run to shed those extra pounds. Fast running can burn more calories than any other exercise and you lose weight naturally from all your obese areas to take you a step closer to your dream body.


Glowing skin: Running can also help you to get healthy skin by making your circulation better. It can enhance the oxygen and nutrient transport mechanism to your skin while flushing all the waste byproducts and products of oxidative stress off your body. When you run for longer hours, you can notice that your skin will be clearer with a healthy glow.


Low risk of osteoporosis: Running also strengthens your knees and increases bone and muscle density so you will be better protected from osteoporosis which is a prevalent condition among many post-menopausal women. Running can also release endorphins that can lighten your mood and help you fight stress and anxiety.


Sharjah Ladies Run- Empowering women one step at a time

Most women refrain from running because they hate male eyes speculating on their activities. If you are concerned about the same Sharjah Ladies Run offers you an experience of a lifetime. The park is dedicated to ladies only and food and beverages are also available in the venue. There are water stations along the running track and you can run your heart out on the track keeping all your worries aside. Just ensure to wear your designated racing bibs or running t-shirts after officially registering and you will be all set to participate.