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How to choose a used container?

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To buy used shipping container is not often a difficult thing. However, it is choosing a good quality container such as those offered by eveon containers that often are a real problem. Choosing a used container over a new one should be based on several criteria. All you have to do is ask yourself the right questions about your project, such as the importance of aesthetics, how to ensure the delivery of your container and your budget. Once you have more information about the used container, you are ready to contact the sales professionals. Know that teams often offer advice and accompany you in your endeavour to buying used containers and search for the best quality for you.

Advantages of a used container

The first advantage of the used container is undoubtedly the lower price per m2 than a hard construction container. Indeed, it is a container that has lived, that has traces of use and that may even have traveled around the world. But then, why should it be dropped? Because the container is made of corten steel, which is 10 times stronger than the standard steel used. It is often possible to find cheap used containers in Europe. Buying a used container for storage offers many possibilities. You can use it for personal or professional purposes. Think of storing your garden tools such as a lawn tractor for example.

Furthermore, as a professional the purchase of a second-hand container is also often preferred. For example, many companies in the construction industry choose the used container for storage on the building sites, thanks to its robustness and its mobility. The 20 feet used container is the most used container today. It is also very popular because it is not difficult to find. Other sectors of activity choose the used 20 feet container as a storage solution. It is worth mentioning that the used container also exists in 40 feet, 40 feet High Cube, 45 feet pallet wide.

Where to buy a used container?

The maritime container market has been booming for several years. On the web it is possible to find a lot of offers to sell used containers. There are many serious players in the trade of maritime containers. However, today it can be complicated to distinguish between trustworthy partners and counterfeiters who roam the web. Indeed, as the market is flourishing, many scams are emerging.