How to Maintain Your Geyser Properly?

How to Maintain Your Geyser Properly?

A Geyser is one of the most important things of need in this wintertime. It provides you with hot water in such freezing-cold weather and saves you from the hazardous effects of cold. If you want to enjoy the luxury of hot water for a long time, you should take proper care of your geyser.

Essential Tips to Maintain Your Geyser

Regular maintenance of your geyser helps to make it last longer. You can maintain your geyser on your own if you have the necessary skills and tools. Otherwise, you can consider booking geyser maintenance services for effective maintenance.

Following are the important tips for maintaining your geyser properly:

Get Your Geyser Installed Correctly

The first thing to keep your geyser in top condition is to ensure its professional installation. For effective installation of your geyser, you can book professional geyser services in DHA Phase 3, Lahore. Specialized service providers connect you with a skilled handyman who has the necessary skills and tools.

He has the proper training to install the geyser with all the components fitted in their place perfectly. He also keeps sufficient space around the geyser while installing it. In this way, it will be easy to fit pipes and wires afterward if needed due to space around it.

An expert technician not only installs your geyser but also makes sure that it will keep running without any problem. So, be aware of the inexperienced persons who can cost you a hefty amount of money on future repairs.

Use Your Geyser Only When Necessary

Sometimes, you keep your geyser switched on for a whole day so that it can provide you with hot water at any point of the day. And you do not have to switch it on again and again to heat water for bathing, washing, or cleaning. It can cost you a hefty amount of money because switching on your geyser for a long time leads to more energy consumption.

Continuous use may also break down your geyser or lead to the malfunctioning of certain components. In this way, you may have to spend a lot of money on future repairs, or you may have to replace your geyser with a new one.

If your geyser is malfunctioning, book Geyser Services in DHA Phase 1, Lahore for its proper functioning.

Moreover, you should also change your habit of keeping your geyser switched on for hours long. The latest geysers can heat the water in minutes. So, you should save your energy consumption by switching off your geyser after getting the required quantity of hot water. In this way, you will observe a decrease in your electricity bills.

Check Safety Valve Regularly

Safety valves are the valves that release extra water from the tank. The safety valves also release excess steam. If your storage type geyser does not have such valves, you should install them to avoid certain problems.

If you ignore your safety valves for a longer time, these can catch rust. Rust can lead to breaking down the valves, leaving the geyser’s water to leak through. In this way, damaged valves can waste tens of liters of water, creating mud around them.

Moreover, if you use low-quality safety valves, these may fail in controlling the steam and water. The excess steam or water may not leave the tank and produce high pressure in the tank. As a result, the tank can burst and may cost you injuries.

So, you should maintain your valves regularly if you have the necessary skills or tools. If you do not possess the relevant skills, do not worry! You can book Geyser Services in DHA Phase 2 Lahore, for reliable and timely maintenance.

Insulate the Geyser

Most of the heat escapes from the exposed body of the geyser. In this way, water takes ages to reach a desired setpoint of temperature. Your geyser consumes more energy to heat the required quantity of water. This causes an increase in your electricity bills that will cost you a hefty amount of money.

Moreover, the insulation also keeps your geyser’s body safe from scratches and marks. When there are no scratches, your geyser’s paint does not peel off. This way, your geyser does not catch rust and lasts for a longer time. Insulating your geyser is also beneficial for its aesthetic beauty.

On the other hand, covering your heater’s body with an insulating material does not allow heat to escape the geyser. The whole heat is used to heat the water and takes a short time to heat the water to the fixed setpoint.

If you have insulated your geyser but not heating the water properly, you can book geyser services in DHA Phase 4, Lahore. Professional geyser services connect you with a skilled handyman who can resolve your problem effectively.