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IFX markets

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What is IFX Markets?

IFX Markets is a division of City Index Ltd. City Index Ltd is one of the leading retail derivatives providers in the UK. According to research from South Africa, IFX Markets is a dedicated FX margin provider offering 24/7 free trading with very small spreads. IFX Markets offers flexible trading solutions that combine competitive spreads with low margins of just 2%. With the support of a 24-hour experienced stockbroker, you can transact online through the IFX Director over the phone.

Is it a safe broker?

The volatility of the foreign exchange market makes trading better and more profitable, especially for retail investors, which also means that the foreign exchange trading environment requires a certain degree of security to be fully profitable. Most foreign exchange brokers try to provide security through some appropriate regulatory body. The most famous groups are organizations such as FCA, CySEC and ASIC.

IFX Markets is a UK based city index broker licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is one of the most reputed and efficient regulatory bodies in the industry.


Most Forex brokers today offer clients a small loan on behalf of the broker, allowing them to trade more and increase their profit potential. IFX Markets is backed by the FCA and may offer leverage up to 1:30. This is the standard for many regulated industry brokers and is less risky than the leverage that brokers elsewhere provide.

Accounts at IFX Markets

To bring variety to a trader’s trading base, most Forex brokers offer different sets of accounts that are designed to meet the specific needs of the trader and usually depend on their level of knowledge and investing strategies. IFX Markets seems to be a more market-oriented broker that can meet the investment needs of most Forex traders by offering standard accounts. The broker also offers a free demo account, which is a great way for novice brokers to test the broker’s capabilities before signing up for a live trading account.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Traders often look for brokers that offer a wide range of investment and withdrawal options to make the process easier and more beneficial. IFX Markets allows you to fund your account using one of 10 currencies, but you must start with at least $ 500, which is much cheaper than other popular forex sites. They accept bank checks, but some checks may take up to 5 business days to finish processing. For investments over USD 15,000, a bank transfer must be used.


Traders should choose a broker with a fee structure that suits their trading style, investment, and trading strategy. When using IFX Markets, the least transaction that can be made is 1 lot or 10,000 of base currency. An account with 1% investment will open a position of USD 10,000 and require an initial investment of USD 100. When you trade Forex on margin, commissions and fees are charged on distribution costs.