Importing your motorcycle to North America

For many motorcyclists, it is a dream to ride a motorcycle in North America. You have beautiful roads there that are fantastic to ride a motorcycle on. However, it can be high in costs to rent a motorcycle for a few months to ride around North America and buying a new motorcycle is not that cheap either. Therefore, the most common solution is to have your own motorcycle imported to North America, but how do you do that? 

Motorcycle importers through a ship 

You can choose to have your motorcycle imported via ship or via plane. When you ship your motorcycle by ship, the motorcycle is often shipped in a crate in a container. These crates ensure that your motorcycle will not be damaged when being transported. Of course, the intention is that your motorcycle arrives in North America in one piece! However, you have to take into account that once you are in America, you have to store the crate somewhere for when you want to ship the motorcycle back. It is also a good idea to have the motorcycle shipped a few weeks in advance, because detours and irregularities can make it take quite a while before the motorcycle arrives in North America. So, if you send the motorcycle in advance, you can be sure that you will have your motorcycle in your possession as soon as you are in the country yourself. 

Motorcycle importers via airplane 

You can also choose to have your motorcycle transported via an airplane. You take your motorcycle to the airport and drop your motorcycle off there. Then you fly to North America and you can pick up your motorcycle again at the airport’s cargo department. There are some rules associated with transporting a motorcycle via airplane. For example, only a few liters of gasoline are allowed in the engine and sometimes you have to disconnect the battery of the motorcycle. Also, the motorcycle must be clean. There is also some paperwork that needs to be done to transport the motorcycle, but this is often taken care of by the motorcycle importers. 

By ship or by plane? 

In some cases, transporting a motorcycle by ship is cheaper than by plane. So if you are going to choose between one of these two then you also need to determine what your budget is. Whether you choose the ship or plane is entirely up to you based on your wishes.