Why Printing On Cardboard Boxes Is Challenging?

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It is hard for any company to succeed without using Printed Cardboard BoxesThis is why printing is an important aspect for a majority of companies. Companies hire the services of professional printers to make their boxes worth looking at. But as simple as it may sound, the process of printing on these boxes is not perfectly smooth. There can be some problems and hurdles that you need to face while printing these boxes. To know about these potential hurdles, read below to learn more about them.

Faulty Printing Plates

One of the most basic components that help with printing on the boxes is the printing plates. There can be many causes behind a faulty printing plate, and this can result in an overall bad print for your boxes. Sometimes, soft or uneven worn-out plates are used by the printers, which can result in image bleeding or dirty prints. It can further lead to spotty and uneven appearances. So you need to check your plates before you decide to use them for the prints. Mostly after constant use, the plates become loose, which can result in horrible blunders. Ideally, you should recheck the alignment of the plates before every run and make sure that the plates are cleaned and replaced if needed.

Unsuitable Inks

This might be pretty self-explanatory to most people already, but you have to make sure that your ink qualities match the project requirements. This will help you in eliminating many potential issues in advance. The main problem that occurs is that the ink formulation is often incorrect, which can lead to streaky lines, spotty appearances, and washboard prints. Also, a vital thing to note is that the ink should not be contaminated. Always make sure that the ink containers are properly sealed. If not, then the particles that are in your ink will end up being stamped on the boxes too. This will result in hickeys and missed printing on various locations on the box. Also, make sure to use inks according to the materials of the box. This will help you in printing the best impression on your printed cardboard boxes.

The Viscosity Of The Ink 

The viscosity of the ink is also valuable in the printing process of your cardboard boxes. You have to maintain the ideal amount of viscosity to get the best prints. Too low viscosity can result in spotty and uneven impressions on the box. It can also cause foaming, abrasion, and streaky lines. Contrary to that, if the viscosity is too high, then you might see other problems like halos, fisheyes, and a darker color. Therefore constant viscosity control is of prime importance. It will help you in achieving the look and prints you require for your boxes.

The Ph Value

The pH value of your ink is important for determining when your ink will be dried and how well it will be absorbed. If the pH value is not adjusted properly, it can result in either drying too soon or not at all. Apart from that, it can also result in uneven coloring and smearing. Moreover, lower pH can result in the prints bleeding to non-image areas. On the other hand, having high pH will definitely cause improper prints as it will dry too soon, and the print will not be made completely. Therefore, the pH should be maintained before every run, and this will help you in smoothening the printing process.

Multi-Color Printing Overprint 

Many companies try to come up with multiple combinations of colors to make their boxes more attractive. But it can be hard at times for the printing companies to fulfill this particular demand. It is because having multiple inks on prints can be hard to master. The printers often do not support such complex patterns, and it takes more time. You have to wait for the earlier print to dry first before trying to print a new design onto it. Moreover, the accuracy of the print getting placed on the exact spot that you want is unlikely. So the pH and viscosity of the inks need to be on point to accomplish this look.

There is no denying that printed cardboard boxes look good for any business. But you have to keep in mind the hardships that the printing companies go through to accomplish those beautiful looks. After reading the points mentioned above, you must be clear on what hurdles you can face while printing these cardboard boxes. This would help you prepare a strategy for them in advance, and your printing process will be smoother.