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Slated for Success | Lifestyle

A healthy body will cease to exist if you don’t aim to have a healthy mind. This statement was just one of the powerful punches thrown by personal trainer and wellness coach, Terence Slater.

Slater’s wellness story began when a dear friend passed away from a lifestyle disease. Saddened by the loss and not wanting to face that same fate, Slater embarked on a journey that would change life as he knew it forever. “In 2016, I made up my mind that nobody close to me or myself would ever have any issues with health as long as I could help them,” he told Lifestyle.

He started to inform and educate himself about health and fitness. And went even further to get certified as a wellness coach in August of 2018 in order to help people live their best lives. Slater completed his nutrition course in November of 2019, and his certification in exercise science, nutrition and exercise coaching snowballed into the formation of the Healthy Mind and Bodies fitness community. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at a typical day for Slater.

He rises from slumber at approximately 4:45 a.m. to engage in prayer and meditation. From there, he visualises what he is going to do in the gym and then heads into the space for a training session. He doesn’t consume anything prior to training, and his eating routine thereafter depends on whether it’s a training day or a rest day. A rest day includes three solid meals. If it’s a training day, it’s three meals, lean protein and vegetables, sometimes low carbohydrates, and a snack. “I do carb cycling. I consume calories based on energy needs. So, the description given is a training day. I don’t consume snacks on non-training days,” he added.

Slater has lost about 32 net pounds, inclusive of 15 to 26 per cent body fat. His own success inspired him to assist others to adopt a healthier lifestyle. “I have had about 50 or 60 clients depending on me to help manage their wellness routine. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, and seeing the persons progress is very fulfilling. I’ve learned a lot from customising programmes for different people, and they get the best results mentally and physically,” he said.

With the industry commercialised these days, a misconception he has noted is the idea that a healthy lifestyle is reserved for certain body types, as in smaller physiques. But that’s far from the truth. Everyone can get in the best shape of their lives as long as they follow certain rules, and start and develop the routine as a lifestyle. It’s about how you feel physically and mentally. Some even believe that if you’re of a certain size, you’re not fit or well – that is another myth. Once your heart and brain are healthy, you’re fit and well, said the fitness professional, who enjoys activities like hiking, beach bumming, meditation, and partner workouts in his downtime.

As a bonus, since it is the holidays, the coach provided five wellness tips to practise for the festive season.

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Wellness coach Terence Slater’s holiday wellness tips

1. Count your calories. Don’t overindulge, Christmas is not a licence to overeat.

2. Try to incorporate family into your wellness routine. You could host a jumping jack’s competition this Christmas. Also, create a support system, so there is accountability and support throughout the journey.

3. Set realistic wellness goals for 2022.

4. Don’t wait for 2022 to begin your wellness goals. Start where you are now.

5. Clear a space in your home for meditation and relaxation. I encourage deep breathing and stretching as a part of your routine.