Sunlight home office RV streamlines the digital nomad lifestyle

Virtually any camper provides a tabletop on which to plant a laptop, but the pandemic-fueled rise of the digital nomad has led to demand for a more capable breed of mobile living and working solution. RV manufacturers have gradually responded with motorhomes, travel trailers and concept vans designed for the task. Germany’s Sunlight joins the crowd, exploring how a transformable dining table-cum-desk can support not only basic office work but also a variety of other jobs, including traveling sales, construction management and scientific fieldwork.

Sunlight has never been afraid to throw some new ideas into an existing product to explore how campers can better support their owners’ lifestyles. It does so once again with the Home Office on Wheels, a concept Class C motorhome and rolling office space that could materialize in an optional package.

The whole idea of working on the road is to establish a better life-work balance, so regular lunch break adventures are essential

Sunlight/Erwin Hymer Group

Sunlight explains it decided to explore a more work-friendly RV package in response to various German surveys identifying the growing legion of remote workers and those who would prefer remote work. Sunlight focuses its attention on creating a more purpose-designed location-independent work/life space.

Like any Class C motorhome, Sunlight’s standard T68 comes equipped with a dining lounge with table. This table can easily double as a desk, but where a basic dining lounge falls short as an office space is in its lack of productivity amenities such as extra electrical outlets adjacent to the table.

There's a little more to this particular motorhome dining table

There’s a little more to this particular motorhome dining table

Sunlight/Erwin Hymer Group

Sunlight addresses this inherent shortcoming by transforming the basic T68 table into a multipurpose console with a top that flips up to reveal a more task-oriented workstation complete with a wireless charging pad and extra electrical outlets for charging smartphones, tablets and camera batteries and plugging in PCs, audio equipment and other wired hardware. On the flipped-up front console wall, an integrated digital display easily hooks up to the user’s hardware to work as a primary or secondary screen. Storage compartments at the base keep smaller work provisions organized.

Unlike a dining table, the underlying work surface includes sidewalls to prevent the worker from accidentally elbowing over a cup of coffee. The walls also function to partially section off a more personal work space distinct from the driver’s cab and surrounding motorhome.

A Home Office on Wheels isn't merely for solo office work; here it functions as a sales meeting location

A Home Office on Wheels isn’t merely for solo office work; here it functions as a sales meeting location

Sunlight/Erwin Hymer Group

Beyond the workstation table, Sunlight uses the T68’s existing interior and exterior compartments and furnishings for hosting sales meetings and showcasing clothing samples. It doesn’t mention any additional alterations to the 24-foot (7.4-m) T68, so the standard floor plan with dual rear single beds and an available drop-down double over the dinette provides plenty of space to retire after the workday is over. The kitchen stands between the dinette and the dry bathroom. A large rear locker ensures that work doesn’t interfere with the freedom and fun of the open road, offering space for equipment like bikes.

The Home Office on Wheels is just a prototype for now, but Sunlight is considering making it available as a modular option for both motorhomes and camper vans. We imagine the company will wait to see if the digital nomad lifestyle is a flash-in-the-pan trend or a more long-term shift.

Source: Sunlight