Swimming With Whale Sharks | The Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning a trip to Western Australia, you’ve probably seen photos of these spotted gentle giants swimming graciously in the turquoise waters of Exmouth’s Ningaloo Reef. Swimming with whale sharks is a bucket list item and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for many people. You should conduct thorough research before making such an important investment. That’s where we come in: we’ve compiled the most comprehensive guide to swimming with whale sharks in Exmouth.

What Makes Whale Sharks So Special?

Whale sharks are magnificent creatures and the world’s biggest fish. Swimming with whale sharks may sound intimidating due to their size, but they are actually known as gentle giants. These ocean giants could really grow to be 12 metres (40 feet) long. Exmouth Whale Sharks are no exception, and swimming with them is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

So, what makes Whale Sharks Exmouth so unique? On the other hand, Exmouth is among the few places in Australia where you can swim with whale Sharks. 

When Is the Whale Shark Season in Exmouth?

Whale Sharks relocate to Ningaloo Reef every year to feed on plankton at the beginning of the annual coral spawning season. Each year, between seven and ten days after the full moon in March or April, coral spawning occurs on Ningaloo Reef Exmouth. That being said, the best time to swim with the Whale Sharks Exmouth is between April and July.

The peak season for whale sharks Exmouth is usually considered between April and July. Numerous Ningaloo Reef tours, however, continue to be available during the months of August and September. Whale Sharks may be seen during those months, but sightings are not assured.

What You Should Do Before Swimming With Whale Sharks

You stop at a tour desk while strolling along the boardwalk by the beach, drawn to the image of a bus-sized whale shark. Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with the world’s biggest fish in Exmouth. There are some things you must know before booking that tour. Swimming with whale sharks is an exciting and enjoyable experience that you must do. However, this guide will assist you in turning your dream experience into the perfect story to tell your grandchildren one day.

Select a Reliable Company

There are numerous local companies that offer whale shark tours in Exmouth, so choose smartly. However, this tour will be socially accountable and environmentally friendly. They do not race through the water near feeding grounds. Most operators are so focused on getting tourists to the sharks that they endanger snorkelers, let alone these endangered creatures. There is no need to lure the whale sharks with more food because they are already feeding naturally in the area.

They keep their time with the sharks to a minimum, so you don’t outstay your welcome. Dependable operators limit the number of people swimming with sharks to two at a time so that they can keep an eye on guests and the sharks are not overcrowded. Finally, don’t get too close. You can get close enough to take a picture, but a dependable operator will tell you not to touch them.

Consider Taking a Seasickness Pill

You’re unlikely to get seasick, but why risk ruining your wishlist moment? The boat ride out to the whale sharks is long, but that’s not where the seasickness sets in. This occurs while you are waiting for your turn in the water. The boat is floating in the middle of the open sea, up and down, up and down.

To avoid seasickness, consult your physician or local pharmacist about appropriate medication. Many whale shark tours in Exmouth operators will even stop at a neighbouring pharmacy on their way to the boat, which is the ideal time to take the medication. When using pills, always seek professional assistance.

Prepare to Swim

Eventually, be prepared before you jump into the water with these massive beauties. Whale sharks are the world’s biggest fish, and from the safety of a boat, these immense creatures appear slow and mellow. But once you’re in the water, you’ll realise how fast and powerful they are.

The cruise will drop you directly in front of them, where you can swim quickly to stay along with a shark for a few seconds before it pulls ahead and swims away. Prepare yourself. Begin preparing to swim, and prepare for the rush and thrill of launching yourself from the boat into the ocean ahead of a massive shark when the tour guide says, “jump.”

If you visit Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef, you will undoubtedly spend a lot of time at the beach. Swimming with whale sharks should be high on your list of things to do while visiting Exmouth.