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UFC Fighters Test Antitrust Law to Escape ‘Perpetual’ Contracts

On March 31, 2010, middleweight Nate “Rock” Quarry appeared on the main card in UFC’s Fight Night 21, a career highlight that ended quickly, shattered the left side of his face, and sent him into retirement. Now 51, well past his prime mixed-martial-arts days, Quarry said he remains tethered to the Ultimate Fighting Championship in […]

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FAA grants $100m in technology development contracts to major US aerospace manufacturers | News

Several major US aerospace companies – including Boeing, GE Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney – have won US government contracts to develop emission- and noise-reducing aerospace technologies. The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded $100 million in funds to those companies and others as part of its Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise Program, […]

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