U.S. reports record 1.3M Covid cases in a day as hospitalizations soar

The United States reported 1.34 million Covid cases on Monday, according to an NBC News tally, with the daily case rate shattering global records as hospitalizations soared across the country. At least 1,343,167 new Covid infections were identified Monday, according to the tally, beating the previous record of 1,044,970 cases, set on Jan. 3, by […]

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Singapore’s ‘vaccinated travel lanes’ see Expedia flight searches soar

Singapore’s new “vaccinated travel lanes” sparked a flurry of flight inquiries as residents of the city-state seek to take advantage of easing international travel measures. Searches for cities within Singapore’s so-called VTLs doubled — and in some cases almost tripled, according to Expedia Group data. It came after government officials announced the opening of new […]

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