The beauty business turns to augmented reality

Beauty brands are hiring — or buying — technology companies that let customers virtually try on makeup, hair and skin care products. Why it matters: With COVID keeping people away from cosmetics counters, the latest thing in “beauty tech” is the VTO — or virtual try-on. Customers love playing with these apps so much that […]

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Asia Pacific Travel Optimism Turns Sour: New Skift Recovery Index

Skift Take There is still so much uncertainty around the Omicron variant, but already much needed recovery in Asia Pacific is stalling as reopenings are postponed. Wouter Geerts The latest November data from the Skift Recovery Index does not show a strong impact of the Omicron variant yet. However, South Africa registered a decline as […]

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Dua Lipa Turns Lifestyle Guru With The Launch Of Service95

The project feels like a natural evolution of Dua’s influential Instagram account, where some 75 million followers lap up the star’s every Balenciaga-clad move. (Recent lo-fi snaps find her stopping for stroopwafels in Amsterdam, hitting up a natural wine bar on a girls’ trip to Paris, and flitting from gym session to cult west London […]

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