News media can tell you what’s the matter with Kansas. But you have to do the repairs.

The news media won’t save you. The news media — even the opinionated and outspoken parts of it like this opinion section — won’t save Kansas or the United States. I wish more people understood this, because if you want our nation to see a revival in civic participation and progressive values, you have to […]

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What’s next for the business of longevity?

But living longer would still probably mean working longer. “The one thing that I don’t think is going to happen is that we will be able to retire at the same age,” Dr. Sinclair said. Updated  Oct. 18, 2021, 3:56 p.m. ET We are on the “first flight stage” of the research into longevity, according […]

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Where can I travel in Southeast Asia? Here what’s open for tourists

The islands of Southeast Asia are reopening to visitors — one small step at a time. The region is home to countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, that kept Covid rates low throughout 2020. That changed with the arrival of the delta variant, which forced many Southeast Asian nations to contend with big outbreaks […]

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PC, internet, smartphone: what’s the next big technological epoch? | John Naughton

One of the challenges of writing about technology is how to escape from what the sociologist Michael Mann memorably called “the sociology of the last five minutes”. This is especially difficult when covering the digital tech industry because one is continually deluged with ‘new’ stuff – viral memes, shiny new products or services, Facebook scandals […]

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