Tales From the Tea Estates of Sri Lanka – Memoirs of a Tea Planter

Priyal woke up to a bright day. The incessant monsoon rains experienced been steadily pouring overnight and the early morning was distinct and crisp. He appeared out as constantly by means of the bedroom window to scan about the two thousand acres of tea plantation that grew just a hundred ft absent from his property and swept in excess of the hills and dales like a nicely-manicured lawn that disappeared into the blue horizon. This sight under no circumstances failed to instill a perception of awe at nature’s attractiveness and bounty.

On the distant hill-scape he could see the tea pluckers with their baskets draped driving them going about their day by day chores of picking the teas from the designated locations. These tea pluckers, typically ladies, were some of the most efficient human equipment as they stuffed their baskets up with the bud and two leaves employing just their fingers as they nimbly and very easily moved their fingers above the tea bushes like a maestro actively playing upon a large environmentally friendly grand piano!

Priyal felt a feeling of satisfaction and achievement as he was the Main Superintendent of the estate and liable for all functions from the plucking to the final processing and cargo of the tea leaves from the factory. He experienced been properly trained and mentored to do this considering that he concluded substantial faculty from the age of nineteen.

He stretched out lazily and drew the curtains additional which brought to sight the stunning and splendid stone and brick bungalow with its tall stone fire chimneys perched atop a hill about 300 feet earlier mentioned his property which was the optimum level in the estate. This bungalow stood out like an apparition from a different time and period and aptly named ” Eagles Nest”. Leading up to this bungalow were being neatly trimmed and superbly landscaped tropical gardens that glistened in the early morning dew and beckoned anyone to check out its charming ambiance.

The British planters who designed this bungalow in the late 19th. century had often reserved this place for the Main Superintendent of the estate and experienced furnished it and equipped it out with high-quality parts of interior decor introduced in from much corners of the colonial British Empire. From the granite paved porch to the terracotta verandah major to the fine polished hardwood flooring in the good place, this function of architecture with its panoramic sights of the distant hills and rolling valleys underneath was complete serendipity!

A common wave of combined feelings and emotions commenced to sweep over Priyal who thought that this prized bungalow ought to have been his household as lengthy as he was chief superintendent or the “Peria Dorai” practically translated as the “massive manager” as the other estate workforce use to phone him. Just ahead of Priyal was specified a marketing and transferred to this estate, the organization administration experienced determined to transform “Eagles Nest ” into a vacationer resort of sorts in which foreign tourists paid out handsome amounts in foreign forex to delight in the old colonial grandeur and feast their eyes on sights that only nature could supply. The “travel package’ involved a tour of the manufacturing facility and a day out with the tea pluckers. A somewhat potent combine of grass roots tea experience and luxurious dwelling combo!

As always he speedily swept away these disruptive ideas as he went into the kitchen to brew himself a great cup of tea from a specific mix that he experienced individually designed by blending various grades of tea from various levels of creation that manufactured a prosperous deep liquor with an superb comprehensive bodied taste. The great cup! No faster the tea leaves commenced steeping and supplying out its loaded aroma, Priyal felt a sense of calm and contentment with his ‘karma’ and before long began to seem ahead to a lot more good events.

What a good beverage tea is, he assumed to himself as he sipped from the deep prosperous nectar that seemed to fill up his senses, awaken his working day and bring the assure of a brighter tomorrow!