Technology Primary Us to Inhumanity?

Many of you may perhaps get astonished on the lookout at the headline of this article. You may well feel that this author has gone crazy or a little something. Technological know-how which has built our everyday living greater than we at any time assumed of and now this author is expressing that technological innovation is earning us inhuman. I will say, of course it is.

A few times back I observed a report on Tv. The reporter was reporting about the sufferings of some very poor individuals who could not even eat two foods a day. But the reporter did not assistance them on place. Just make a report to telecast. That signifies sufferings of people today are currently being made use of as items to get well-known or to make livelihood. A further incident was, a few times in the past in a convocation ceremony of a College a person of the friends bought fainted on the location. There ended up about 300 college students but none of them rushed to aid the visitor. Fairly they took photograph of him and ship the information to their good friends and kin, twitted on twitter and shared on Fb and other social networking web pages. They did not even imagine of encouraging the individual rather they just took the option to make it breaking news.

Now we have the technology to broadcast anything at all live from the place. Any individual can be a reporter making use of his/her cellular cameras while they are going in the streets and some mishaps take place. We are not able to management what really should be broadcasted and what really should not be. But we really should believe in advance of we do everything.

I recall a basic motion picture named “Roman Holiday getaway” in which a princess came to Italy to vacation. But as she was a princess she could not transfer about freely. So his dad and mom utilised to management her and gave her sleeping drugs at evening. A single evening she came out without having her parents’ authorization to journey but felt asleep on the streets as an result of the sleeping pills. A journalist observed her and took her to his household. Up coming working day a report came on a missing female. But it was not talked about that she was a princess. Viewing the report the journalist recognized that she is the one whom he took house previous evening. He could have unfold the information in public that he had identified the princess and achieve dollars and level of popularity. But he did not do so to save the honor of the princess and her relatives.

In educational institutions and schools pupils are possessing sexual intimacy and producing video clip of them and spreading them in the online. Some men and women are blackmailing their girlfriends and their family. Our lifestyle and social values are remaining ruined.

We are unable to stay without the need of engineering but we need to make ourselves experienced enough to adopt with the improvement of know-how. We really should movie 10 videos with cultural and educative values if we film one pornograph.