The Different Uses of a Voice Assistant

The Different Uses of a Voice Assistant

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could have a virtual assistant keeping track of all your daily tasks 24/7? The idea isn’t as implausible as you might think. You can now easily add this perk to your existing smart home in the form of a voice assistant. A voice assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant meant to take care of all your tasks which can be managed in digital form. This includes sending emails, setting up meetings, browsing for any kind of information or doing anything else you may ask.

A voice assistant will have to be hooked up to any of your portable smart gadgets which are compatible with it, such as your smartphone or smart speaker. A good example of such a device is the Google Nest Hub Chromecast audio.

The following are a few different ways through which voice assistants can help make your life much easier.

Saves Time

Most homeowners now have very busy schedules which make it quite difficult to maintain their home without compromising on their productivity with other tasks. Even for people without a busy work life, it can never hurt to have some time to rest after a hectic day. Oftentimes, little tasks throughout the day can make this very difficult. Not being able to find time to relax can negatively impact your quality of life, keeping you from living up to your full potential in all aspects. 

Fortunately, using a voice assistant, this problem can be solved. You will no longer have to pull your phone out and be distracted from simple tasks, such as ordering groceries. All of this can easily be done by using voice commands no matter where you are in your home. 

Control Your Smart Home Better

If you’ve ever found yourself getting frustrated with having to manage all the different appliances in your home, then you may have found a solution; a voice assistant can help you individually manage your smart home without lifting a finger. If you have a fully automated smart home, it is most likely comprised of a lot of different electronics which you may have to occasionally keep an eye on. A voice assistant will let you speak to your home.

Using this feature, you can improve your home’s ambience and control all your gadgets from one convenient location. This will ensure that you never have to lose track of whatever is going on in your home, even as you are doing other tasks. You can access the voice assistant through your smartphone, which is extremely convenient since you can even place it in your pocket or carry it with you as you move around your home.

Remote Control

One of the best things about a voice assistant, as mentioned previously, is that is can be accessed remotely. Any action which your phone can do, a voice assistant will be able to perform with ease. Not having to be physically present to access a particular part of your home can be of great help. By hooking your voice assistant up to your smart speaker or any other portable device, you can speak to it from any part of your home and let it do the work for you. This is the best way to multitask, especially if you tend to spend a lot of time indoors.

Increased Productivity

Once you are able to multitask with ease, you will see an automatic boost in your overall productivity. You may find that you are able to do a lot more in less time, which leaves you time to do other things which you may want. You can get a hobby, or even leave the house more often for a healthier lifestyle. 

This is bound to improve how you function throughout the day, and create an environment in your home which encourages a more active life. Saving time to invest in activities you want will make your days seem longer, and you will be able to keep track of time much better as well.

Regular Updates

When talking about keeping track of time, the importance of it can be emphasized by how dangerous certain situations can get for those who are uninformed. For example, not being updated with the weather and going out when a dangerously aggressive thunderstorm is expected is not a wise thing to do. While you may not have the time to manually get updates such as news and weather, you can always use your voice assistant to tell you these things.

This virtual assistant can help you keep track of everything, from your surroundings to the status of your smart home. It is the perfect gadget to help keep your life on track, so you never miss anything important and do not get overwhelmed with all your different responsibilities.


If you find that your days are becoming too busy to manage all your little tasks throughout, a voice assistant is the perfect solution. You can schedule it to take care of a lot of things that may become difficult to manage as you are multitasking. You can play music as you clean for better focus, create the perfect ambience using voice commands to control your lights, and even make calls the same way to save time. Being able to control it remotely is one of the many perks of this technology, and the best part is, you don’t need a fancy smart gadget to make use of it – you can simply utilize it on your existing smartphone.