The real joy of being a mother | Lifestyle

There are many facets to being a mother, and every experience is different. In celebration of Mother’s Day, Gleaner Lifestyle asked mothers what the realest joy of being a mom is. Here’s what they had to say:

Alana Ellis, transport programme manager, IDB

I’m a mom of two boys, one who is almost four and another who is 10 months old, both of whom amaze me every single day. Seeing them change and grow and learn reminds me just how fast time goes, even when the days feel long, the years seem to race by. Sure, there are (many) hard moments and the journey isn’t without sacrifice – losing sleep to night feedings, or to soothe a teething baby. And then there is the seemingly endless string of negotiations to get a toddler to put on his shoes, or brush his teeth, or put away his toys – but just one smile from my boys can melt away hours of stress and exhaustion. It’s a joy to watch them take first steps, say their first word, recognise familiar faces and places as they make sense of the world, but more than anything, they have helped me to be more present, not just with them, but in my life. I’m reminded every day how fast time goes, so I’m grateful to say I’ve learned to appreciate the little things, the small moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Kari Douglas, real estate dealer and councillor

There are several elements of motherhood that have made the experience so far as a mother remarkable. Experiencing the development of my son who is very energetic, brilliant and already has his own strong-willed personality has been amazing. The realisation that my child has very similar characteristics and almost the same personality that I do, whether inherently or by absorption and being the recipient of the truest form of unconditional love is the best feeling ever.

Alicia Silvera Grant, operations and human resource officer, FirstRock Group

Becoming a mother is a milestone that has brought pure joy into my life which can be difficult to put into words. My son and I share a deep-rooted and unconditional bond that is unlike any other I have ever experienced. I often find myself marvelling at the little person I have made and continue to mould into the fine young man I know he will become. He’s like me in some ways, yet different in others. I’m amazed at how much he’s grown over the years and the wealth of knowledge he already possesses. Perhaps the best way I could describe the joy of being a mother is in terms of the purpose and fulfilment it provides. While it is undoubtedly a challenging job, especially while working full-time, there is nothing quite as rewarding. My son gives me a reason to get up and face the world every day and helps me to become a better version of myself as I try to be the best role model for him. In many ways, every achievement of my son’s is also mine and I look forward to a lifetime of proudly sharing in his accomplishments.

Stephanie Harrison, assistant vice president of marketing, Mayberry Investments

Motherhood is knowing joy. I love being a mother, even with all of its trials and lessons. The ability to help shape a young mind and allow her to blossom as she is, is miraculous and a blessing. Being a mother has given me the privilege of teaching my daughter self-love and self-respect at an early age. Ryleigh will know from birth how valued she is in our family home and that she has a valid place in this world. Every choice my partner Ryan and I make – from the books we read to her; the environment she’s in, to the foods we give her, and the clothes we dress her in – are to give her a great start in life. It’s a beautiful thing.

Brittany Lyons, Miss Jamaica World 2008 and founder and chief executive officer of Paradise Child

There are so many joys in being a mother. But to have someone look at you and call you “mummy”, and seeing the things you teach daily beginning to manifest is truly the biggest honour. Just witnessing her happiness is all a mother could ever want.

Stacia Pinnock, attorney-at-law

Seeing my daughter London develop into a caring and loving little human brings me one of greatest joys as her mother. London loves with her words and actions. In fact, I call her my little human rights advocate. She loves deeply, and even if I am upset with her, she has the ability to forgive and still remind me, throughout the good and bad how much she loves me. She will say “I love you, Mommy” at least five times per day and demandingly request hugs by saying “Mommy hug me up” as she snuggles beside me awake or asleep.

Caryn Spencer, assistant vice president of projects and business intelligence, Supreme Ventures Ltd

The realest joy about being a mother is knowing that there is someone in my life that loves me unconditionally and will love me that way forever.

Immense happiness comes from knowing that to my daughter, I am the greatest person ever, as her superhero, to guide and protect her every step of the way.

Knowing that I have someone looking up to me also keeps me grounded as she constantly holds me accountable for my words and actions, ensuring that I live my life in such a way that will make her proud to say, that’s my mom! This too is a real joy.

When you become a mother, your life completely changes in ways you could never imagine. Sometimes it can be challenging but most of the time it is filled with the absolute best times of your life. The world as we know it moves at a mile a minute and often you can feel overwhelmed with all the things you have to do. However, being a mother at some point will force you to slow down and put things into perspective making you understand what is important.

I always wanted a daughter, a mini-me and that’s exactly what I got, a best friend that I can make amazing memories with and share a great laugh, especially at times when we are alone together and get to talk about everything. The happiness that comes from these moments cannot be replaced. There is no other love as pure as the love from your child/children and there is nothing else in the world that can bring you this joy and make your life complete.

Kalilah Thompson, human resources manager, Dolla Financial Services

The realest joy of being a mother is performing one of the greatest, most fulfilling tasks on earth, which is raising a human being. Having a front-row seat in watching my child grow and thrive with the life lessons instilled and embedded in her brings so much joy to a doting mom. Seeing her aspiring for greatness and attaining her goals and dreams is everything a mother could want of her child.

Observing my daughter being better than I am at tasks that I have taught her and her passion for such tasks shows me that I am well on my way to building a monarch as these special skills will be passed on for generations to come.

Watching my little girl climbing the ladder each day and becoming a model citizen who naturally exhibits empathy, goodwill, respectfulness, and integrity warms my heart. The ultimate joy for me is after pouring into her, stepping back, and allowing her to be her own person on her own terms; that is indeed the realest joy to any mother.

Kimisha Walker, managing director of Adam and Eve Day Spa

I’m blessed with three amazing kids, Kimora, Giovanni, and Kimali. Knowing that your kids are okay, to be able to capture every milestone, to fix the booboos. To tear up when you are greeted with warm smiles, hugs, kisses, and words like, “mommy you’re the best,” “you’re my best friend” or “I love my family.” The look of admiration or excitement when telling a tale, to hear the screams that drive you crazy but gratifying enough to appreciate in those moments and wondering why didn’t I have four. It is the emotions that my children evoke in me that make motherhood special. I love my three beautiful kids.

Nayana Williams, chief executive officer, Lifespan Spring Water

There is this joy I feel when I think of or look at my children. It’s a connection through space and time that cannot be broken. My heart is always with them no matter where I am and I find comfort in knowing they have me and I have them. When my son brings to my attention something he has on his mind and just knowing he can freely share his thoughts with me makes me feel special. My daughter, though, she does not speak. She looks into my eyes and I can read a thousand words coming from her at that moment, just that bond between a mother and her daughter is so very powerful. My children are my joy and inspiration and being a mother to them is the greatest honour. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!