‘The root cause of weight gain is your lifestyle’: Fitness entrepreneur Pranit Shilimkar

‘The root cause of weight gain is your lifestyle’: Fitness entrepreneur Pranit Shilimkar

It is widely believed that following a 21-day disciplined routine can help one form a habit, especially when it comes to diet and fitness. But Pranit Shilimkar, health and fitness entrepreneur, and founder of Fitnesstalks, believes a 37-day routine, focusing on lifestyle disorders and dietary issues, can work wonders and help solve many fitness issues. That’s exactly what led the 27-year-old to launch his venture. “My fitness journey started from my college days when I was overweight and insecure about my body. When I started working out and focusing on my health, I realised I also had a passion for teaching and making people fit. Thus, the origins of Fitnesstalks,” he says.

“I want to make this world a fitter place, and for that, I want to make fitness exciting and accessible for everyone. I also want to create engaging and viral content that will encourage and motivate people to focus on their health and lifestyle,” says Shilimkar , who is the force behind transformation of actors like Swara Bhaskar, Swapnil Joshi and Sonali Kulkarni, and also social media influencer Ankush Bahuguna.

Talking about weight gain, the most common query when it comes to fitness, the digital content creator says: “The root cause of weight gain is your lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle is an important step in addressing a lot of issues and working on them. It’s essential to have a positive relationship with your body as well as the food you’re consuming.”

In an email interaction with indianexpress.com, he talks about the challenge, fitness myths, and how the pandemic paved way for a healthier lifestyle.

What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness, for me, is your mind and body’s optimum performance where you are constantly growing and challenging yourself. Also, I believe that mind and body are your greatest allies and weapons.

What is the #37DaysChallenge all about?

The #37dayschallenge is a fitness challenge aimed at getting the best out of you and making you considerably fitter within just 37 days. We provide you with your very own certified nutritionist and personal trainer who aid you in changing your lifestyle and focusing on your health. It goes beyond just weight loss; we also help our clientele to focus on lifestyle disorders and managing other dietary issues. Fitness challenges help people to realise their body’s true potential and how a fit mind and body can change their lives.

How has pandemic changed the way we eat and our approach to fitness?

People are more self-aware and mindful of what they consume. They have realised moderation is the key. However, physical activity levels are still very low due to our lifestyles. Just focusing on one aspect of fitness and ignoring the other is unhealthy and not sustainable.

Top 5 fitness myths you would like to debunk

1. Diet trends
2. Starving leads to a sustainable weight loss
3. Only cardio helps with weight loss
4. Fitness ends once you’ve finished your meals for the day
5. Hydration and recovery are not as important as working out

Can over exercising also lead to health issues?

Excessive workout, just like an excess of anything, is of course unhealthy. Your body needs rest for recovery. The repercussions will cause long-term damage.

How important is strength and weight training?

Both are extremely important for fat loss, gaining strength, and having an optimum fitness level. Strength and weight training continue to burn calories even after your workout is done. They make the body experience ‘positive stress’ which is essential to combat illnesses and perform at the necessary state.

Top tips for a person just starting their fitness journey.

Be consistent, focus on your nutrition, and start with any physical activity. Also, focus on rest and hydration.

Your biggest motivation?

My own journey, where I came from, and where I’m standing right now. Also, my Fitnesstalks family and my loved ones who support me and always wish the best for me.

What’s your message when it comes to fitness?

Do not complicate fitness by following diet trends or imitating someone else’s diet plans. Respect your body’s needs and limitations and consult a professional who can advise you based on your health levels. Consistency and discipline are the key factors, so always show up regardless of if you’re feeling it or not.

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