‘This is people’s dream life?’

A woman on TikTok is stirring up debate after using the term “stay-at-home girlfriend” to describe her day-to-day routine.

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TikToker Rose Davis (@rosedavisx) did not coin the phrase “stay-at-home girlfriend.” It’s commonly used to describe a woman in a relationship in which the couple aren’t married and don’t have kids, but one partner is financially providing for both of them.

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The 26-year-old claims in one video that her boyfriend — who she calls Harry — encouraged her to stay at home and “enjoy [her] life” without working and agreed to pay for her “hair appointments, manicures & pedicures, lashes, botox, laser hair removal, clothes and makeup.” According to a comment in a more recent video, Harry is a financial adviser and an investor who owns some real estate.

Davis has been posting “day in the life” videos since April, but a recent upload caught the attention of over 1 million viewers. In it, Davis described her day as a “26-year-old housewife.”

“I put this little tracksuit on and I went to go get my lashes done,” she narrates in the clip. “I cleaned the bathroom, watched a little bit of Selling Sunset and I organized our little pantries.”

Davis also cooked two heart-shaped cakes because she wanted Harry to come home to something he enjoys.

“I’m still getting to learn how to do baking and learning to cook and stuff,” she says. “I’ve never been that into it, but since I’m staying home, I have been.”

When Harry came home, Davis poured herself a glass of wine and made the two of them dinner. After, she took a bath and did some journaling.

Davis had a mixed reaction from viewers — half of them claiming she was living their dream life and others wondering how she doesn’t get bored.

In response to the negative comments, Davis slammed people saying her lifestyle was anti-feminist.

“When ‘feminists’ in my comment section say don’t I get bored and wouldn’t [I] rather work and make my own money rather than stay at home and enjoy my life,” she captioned the clip.

“Idk how this is people’s dream life?” one commenter wrote. “You would get so bored of not having something proper to do surely.”

“Please tell me this is a joke,” another said.

“How does it feel to live my dream?” someone asked. “Lucky gal.”

With just $1,000 and one day, this Harlem bedroom gets a brand new look:

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