Tips to prevent acne scars


Acnes are one of the most common problems encountered by many. This problem is prominent among teenagers however many people in their adulthood also face these issues. Acnes can cause any individual to become conscious of their look and thereby badly affects one’s self-confidence. However, acne is the not main problem as they get treated with time but it is the acne scars that can cause permanent problems to one’s face. No doubt that scars are part of the natural healing process but they never look flawless and thus impact one’s skin texture. It is thereby recommended to use the right scar removal facewash that can help an individual to get their skin back.

To prevent acne scars from happening, one needs to know what causes them in the first place. The most common cause of acne scars is inflamed lesions. This occurs when our skin pores encounter excessive oil, bacteria, and/or dead skin cell. The pores begin to swell and thereby causing a break in follicle walls. When there is a deep breakout in the follicle wall, the dermis gets damaged and to repair it our skin produces collagen fibers but this repair job causes scaring to take place. The more we experienced inflammation on the skin; there are chances of acne leaving behind the scarring. Apart from it, deep breakouts are other common reasons for acne scarring.

As scarring is a natural healing process, one cannot altogether prevent it; however, certain steps can help in minimizing the chances of developing acne scars. These are mentioned below:

  • Treat Acne: The basic thing one can do for preventing acne scars is to treat them as soon as possible. This can help the individual to have the condition under control so that the chances of deep breakouts can be minimized. If one acnes are not getting better basic measures, it is recommended to see one’s, healthcare doctor. If one can prevent acne from happening, one will surely be successful in preventing the scars.
  • Reduce Inflammation: The inflamed and large blemishes are the ones that are prone to cause scarring on one face. Thus another important step of preventing scars is to reduce the inflammation. One must thereby undertake measures that will aid in calming inflammation and ensure one does not further irritate them. This can be done by not avoiding using harsh skin care products and aggressive scrubbing.
  • Don’t Squeeze: Everyone once in a while might have felt the temptation of squeezing, popping at the pimple. However one must always pass on such temptation as this will surely leave a permanent scar on one face. This is because squeezing of pimple can further force the debris deep thereby causing the infection to spread and thus worsen the inflammation. One must hence allow the acne to get heal on its own without squeezing or popping at it.

Hence these are some of the basic yet important steps in preventing acne scars from happening. Apart from these steps, it is equally important to use good skincare product such as the best scar removal facewash.