“We need to make hires in every department’

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GREENWICH — It’s been a disruptive time for restaurants and other small businesses in Greenwich and around the region.

Some normalcy returned earlier this year as the COVID-19 crisis slowed. But now small businesses are facing other big challenges due to labor shortages, supply chain disruptions and higher prices for basic commodities.

Diners are likely to see higher prices when they eat at restaurants, and some menu items will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. A recent survey taken of restaurants in Connecticut shows a dramatic rise in operating costs, with lower profit margins.

Labor shortages have become a significant problem, restaurant managers say. The shortage is often attributed to benefits that workers have accumulated during the pandemic, though experts say the situation is more complicated.

A shift in attitudes toward the typically demanding work and long hours that restaurants entail is also cited, and surveys have shown that many restaurant workers have transitioned into other sectors of the economy or different areas of the hospitality field.