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What allows the Spectrum network to stand out from its competitors?

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 The spectrum TV network is a part of the Charter Communications group. Spectrum TV has been responsible for providing its customers with cable TV, telephone services as well as internet services from the year 2014. Charter Communications took over Time Warner Cable and White House networks and introduced Spectrum as the TV service network.

The spectrum TV network has three different tiers of cable television for their clients. These three television packages are

Spectrum TV Select

This tier has over 125 channels for its users

Spectrum TV Silver

This tier offers over 175 channels to its users.

Second TV Gold

This tier of Spectrum TV network offers 200+ channels to its users.

Spectrum TV network also has other options for their users like

Spectrum TV choice

Spectrum TV choice has amazing channels as a part of their local broadcasting network facility. If you decide to select Spectrum TV choice, you will be given a chance to choose ten cable channels along with the channels that are already a part of the TV package which you are availing. This feature offered by Spectrum TV network has been used by customers to create custom channel lineups for themselves. You can choose to opt for premium channels. These channels will be added to your channel lineup, but you will have to pay an additional fee for this.

Spectrum TV essentials

If you go for Spectrum TV essentials, you will receive a lineup of 62 TV channels which can then be added to your current TV package.

Spectrum TV essentials, as well as Spectrum TV stream, need the users to use the internet of Spectrum services. The reason this is in place is that these TV streaming options use the internet to bring you the favourite shows of your choice. That is why the customers are asked to go for the Spectrum internet services as well.

As has been previously mentioned, Spectrum has three different TV network options that are available for their customers. Along with the 3 TV cable options in Spectrum network, you can also choose to get your TV plan bundled up with the internet and phone plan. If you go for this, you will be paying a very nominal charge for availing all three services (internet, TV, phone) every month. If you are someone with a fixed household budget for every month, you should avail the services of Spectrum TV network. The multiple TV packages of Spectrum network makes them feasible for every household.

To finalize your TV package, start with Selecting your TV plan. Once your TV plan is selected, the process of bundling becomes very easy for the customer. The final thing you must decide now is whether you wish to add the phone and internet services to your plan or not. Once you have added the services that you need to your TV plan, you are all set.

One issue which customers have reported with regards to Spectrum is that the payment plan tends to increase in the second year of availing the services. However, there are no specific contracts asking the customers to pay the increased price rates once the 12-month period is over. You can call the customer service section of Spectrum and discuss the issue with them.

Spectrum customer support is very helpful in solving the problems of customers. You can discuss with them your problem regarding the increased prices. Most often, Spectrum has some or the other promotional offer that is going on. The customer support service representatives may direct you to one of the promotional offers, which will allow you to keep your charges to the lowest levels possible.

In case you are facing any issues with the Spectrum TV connection or internet service, you can always contact the customer service representatives via their toll-free numbers. The toll-free number is available on the Spectrum site. The technical staff of the Spectrum team is very helpful and well-trained and try their best to solve the matter as soon as possible. Thus, if you are a resident or if you are staying in the US and looking for a TV network, Spectrum should be your first choice.

Amazing features of the Spectrum TV network

  • Wide variety of channels
  • Customers are allowed to choose the channels of their preference.
  • Three different TV plans are available
  • Affordable even if you have a tight household budget
  • The package customization is very easy and hassle-free.
  • Spectrum offers multilingual channels as well.
  • In case you have any difficulties, you can get in touch with Spectrum support, and they will fix the problem quickly.

The only problem that the customers have reported in terms of Spectrum TV network is that sometimes the prices go a little out of the budget.