Why Selling Your Car With a VIN is the Smartest Choice

The 17 digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN) are like your car’s fingerprint, uniquely identifying your specific vehicle. It contains important information like where your car was made, its engine, and body style.

It’s the Most Trusted Way to Sell Your Car

Like a fingerprint or a social security number, each vehicle has a unique VIN (vehicle identification number) identifier. A VIN is 17 characters acting as a specific car code. It can track recalls, registrations, warranties, and even insurance claims. The first three digits identify the country where the car was built, the second two digits are the manufacturer, and the third digit is the model year. Digits 4 through 8 describe the vehicle type and features (such as engine, restraint types, body style, and so on), and the ninth digit is a check digit that the manufacturer uses to verify the authenticity of the entire VIN. When you want to sale my car online, indicate the VIN to convince more buyers.

It’s the Most Secure Way to Sell Your Car

VINs are unique letters and numbers assigned to every car upon production. These 17 characters (plus one check digit) are used to identify a particular car and link to specific information like when it was made, where it was made, and who it was built by. Typically located on the windshield or driver’s side door, a VIN can be easily found by walking up to it and looking at the small plate. A prospective buyer can also run the VIN to get a complete vehicle history report or uncover any outstanding safety recalls. This information will be used for various purposes, including warranty claims and registering the vehicle with a tax agency. VINs can also be helpful when purchasing replacement parts for a car at a dealership or auto parts store. Most parts stores will ask a customer for the VIN before selling them any part to ensure it matches up with the year, make, and model of the car in question.

It’s the Most Convenient Way to Sell Your Car

A VIN is like a car’s fingerprint or social security number. It’s unique to your vehicle and can be used to find out all kinds of things about it, including whether it has a history of wrecks or insurance claims. This is especially useful for buyers who want to ensure they get the best price possible and that their car is legitimate. The first three characters of your VIN identify the manufacturer (using the World Manufacturer Identifier code) and the model year. At the same time, the last six numbers show where and by whom it was made. It’s also helpful for checking for fraud, such as the infamous VIN cloning, where someone steals the identity of another car, putting that stolen vehicle back onto the market with its original owner’s documentation. You can easily look up your VIN at the bottom corner of the windshield or inside the driver’s door jamb. However, some people are reluctant to give out their VIN when selling their car online, opting instead to blur out their license plate in photos of their vehicles.

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