Will Lawyer: Reasons To Engage A Lawyer In Writing Your Will

Writing a Will is critical. It is believed that over half of all Australians die without a Will. That is, you are leaving it up to the courts to determine how your estate is dispersed. Do you want the courts to allocate your estate, or do you want to get a will lawyer?

Here are five reasons why getting one of the good lawyers Perth is something that you need to consider when writing your will.

A Will Lawyer Can Ensure That Your Will Complies With Legal Requirements.

You may always look up the legal criteria for Wills on the internet and create your own Will. You cannot, however, be guaranteed that what you write yourself complies with legal standards.

A will lawyer can tell you whether what you want to do with your property is legal. For example, is it permissible to offer one kid a larger portion than the others? 

What if you signed your Will in the company of witnesses, but one of them was reacting to a text message on their phone at the precise moment you were signing it and wasn’t paying attention? Does this fulfil the legal requirements? What would you do if you didn’t know?

One of the good lawyers Perth is required to ensure that your Will, its contents, and the way in which it is performed all comply with legal requirements. It may spare your loved ones a lot of unneeded anguish if someone contests your will or anything similar after your death.

A Will Lawyer Can Assist You Precisely List The Properties That You Want To Dispose Of In Your Will.

Your Will cannot contain all of your possessions.

For example, if you are a co-owner of the property, common sense implies that you cannot dispose of the entire property since you own it jointly with another person. So, can you at least dispose of your share? Can you include your portion of the property as one of your assets in your will? This is influenced by a variety of factors – which is why you should get the finest lawyers Perth.

These are difficult inquiries that can only be addressed by a lawyer who is familiar with all the specifics of previous transactions.

A Will Lawyer Can Assist You In Ensuring That Your Will Is Thorough.

Have you forgotten about someone important in your life to whom you want to leave anything when you die? Is it necessary to list all of your legal heirs in your will? Are you required to offer equal portions to all of your heirs in order for them not to contest your will?

Can you omit a kid who has accused you of abuse or neglect from your will? Can you leave your stepchildren out of your will?

Obviously, only a lawyer can answer these and other questions you have in mind. Only a lawyer can assist you in making property disposition choices that will be legally enforceable even if your will is challenged. You want your will to be strong and without flaws.

A Will Lawyer Can Advise You On How To Minimise The Likelihood Of Challenges To Your Will.

Those closest to you have the right to oppose your Will if they believe the distribution of your assets in your Will is unjust to them. How can you ensure that they do not have compelling legal grounds to dispute a will?

The complexities of your previous relationships with spouses and partners influence whether your will is subject to challenge. If one of your heirs successfully challenges a will, the court will modify your testamentary dispositions.

For these reasons, you should seek the counsel of a lawyer who specialises in Wills and Estate Planning.

A Will Lawyer May Assist You In Ensuring The Validity Of Your Will

Last but not least—and in fact, the most important reason—you should have a lawyer draught your Will for you. A lawyer may assist you in demonstrating that your Will was written when you were of sound mind.

If your Will is deemed to be void for failing to comply with legal criteria, your estate will be allocated by the courts rather than according to your preferences. It is strongly advised that you need to see a lawyer about creating your Will to avoid the chance of your Will being invalidated and your estate going into intestacy.


While there are several reasons why individuals choose to form a will, there are also numerous methods for doing so. You may speak with a legal practitioner for assistance on your specific case and the processes you should follow while creating your will.

Whatever motive you have for writing your will, you should be extremely cautious to ensure that your objectives are absolutely clear. Even if you are writing something to be handed down to a family member, you must ensure that everything is done as you would expect.