Woman who lives in ‘middle of nowhere’ defends ‘gross lifestyle’

A woman who lives in the “middle of nowhere” has defended her “gross” way of life, including not brushing her teeth daily.

Annabel Fenwick Elliott took to her TikTok to share what she does because she lives “alone, in the middle of nowhere, with no contact with other humans.”

Elliot first explained that she doesn’t often shower and “literally sometimes for a week.”

“I don’t see the point, I don’t really like the feeling, being wet and then having to get dry, and it’s cold,” she said.

Elliot also said she doesn’t use deodorant because she, again, “doesn’t see the point.”

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“I don’t see anyone, and it doesn’t bother me – I don’t feel very dirty even though I am,” she said before adding that she only uses deodorant when she goes to Tesco out of courtesy of others.

Elliot added that she doesn’t brush her hair, although she knows it will get “matted” if she doesn’t.

“I don’t brush my teeth very often either,” she said. “I know that’s really bad and stupid. I don’t like brushing them first thing in the morning because first thing in the morning I eat, and it makes everything taste weird.”

She further added that a dentist told her people shouldn’t brush their teeth “immediately” after eating because the food circulates in the teeth, which is “bad for them.”

When it comes to keeping her kitchenware clean, she said she just rinses them with water alone because she has a favourite mug and favourite bowl that she always uses.

“They’re perfect for what I need and desire.”

She also doesn’t make up her bed and is “really stingy” when it comes to using laundry tablets because they’re “really expensive,” she said.

At the end of her video, she said that she wasn’t “opposed” to the things that people deem as typical hygienic products.

“I wouldn’t say I’m opposed to soap and toothpaste and detergent because I’m a hippie, but maybe deep down, inside my soul, I am just a hippie.”


Soap is for people who go out in public #grossgirl #grossgirltok #hermit #crunchy

Elliot’s admittance of her daily life has enticed mixed emotions amongst people in the video’s comment section.

One person wrote: “All of y’all on here are just lazy and gross; why wouldn’t you want to shower and crazy how many people on here don’t either.”

“Who hurt you?” another added.

Others were also supportive of Elliot’s lifestyle and even would consider living the same way.

“I would love, love, love your lifestyle. Living alone has its perks, I guess. You are so refreshing. Great to hear you do your own thing,” a third wrote.

A fourth wrote: “I work for myself and live alone. I do pretty much the same. It’s heaven!”

Someone else asked: “Are you like this because you live alone, or do you live alone because you live like this? No judgement, literally my dream life.”

This prompted Elliot to respond: “Ha, good question! I am far more civilized when living with others. Have just been living alone since I moved out of London during [the] pandemic.”

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