WOW Classic Season of Discovery: Best Healing Classes and Ranked

In the endgame of WOW SOD, there are a total of five classes that can play a healing roles, but we must make a ranking based on the different utility and spell variety of these five classes.

Healers are the backbone of a strong team, able to support their allies with buffs and prevent them from dying when facing elite mobs or other players. In World of Warcraft, SoD healers are all capable of filling this role effectively – no spec should be completely avoided.

However, some healers can bring more utility to the team, or be able to perform more diverse and powerful healing abilities. For example, the Shaman cannot destroy the HPS of a Paladin or Priest, but it brings its own unique benefits to the team. This guide to the best healers in World of Warcraft SoD ranks each class based on its end-game PvE and PvP abilities, although that may change as future stages are released.

Updated February 24, 2024 by Erik Petrovich: With the launch of the second phase of World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery, many classes are undergoing a huge overhaul to their effectiveness. At level 40, more classes get their own class-defining abilities, and combined with new runes, some of the best World of Warcraft SoD healers are different from the classes in Stage 1 – though Priests still dominate. This guide to the best healers in World of Warcraft SoD has been updated and updated to incorporate the new second stage runes and level 40 healing meta, and will continue to be updated as future Season of Discovery stages are released to bring Come more changes.

Mage: Universal healer useful in certain combinations


For the first time, mages have the opportunity to play the role of healer in Season of Discovery. Three new runes allow the mage to target allies with temporal beacons and heal them based on the damage the mage deals. If played well, a Healing Mage can heal a team just as effectively as a single target.

The problem with mage healing is that it’s still fairly new to World of Warcraft, and mages don’t have a lot of inherent class skills to help advance it to higher levels. The benefits of introducing mage healers in the second phase are the same as in the first phase. Their healing is comparable to other classes, but their party utility advantage is less. However, their DPS is literally a mile above any healer.

Mages are particularly good at AoE damage, and while mage healers won’t recharge party members, they can fill an effective DPS role using older runes like Lifefire and Lifebomb. This new spec isn’t left out of Phase 2, as the Timed Save Rune gives them a new large healing option.

But overall, mage healers are not as impressive as the first phase, but since healers are always in high demand, you won’t have any problems getting into groups despite their relative shortcoming. If you want to enhance your build healing capabilities, then you may need to spend some WOW Classic SOD Gold to randomize your stats until you get stats that enhance your healing.

Shaman: Shaman healing is still sub-optimal (and reliant on AOE)


One of the three roles a shaman can play in World of Warcraft SOD is that of a healer, via Restoration of Norms. While there aren’t any healers in Season of Discovery that aren’t good enough for end-game content, Restoration Shaman has the weakest toolkit at level 25. At level 40, they’re in a better position, especially due to the expanded core spell list, as well as new runes like Ancestral Awakening, which can automatically heal low health party members with lethal healing.

The class’s reliance on totems can make it difficult to sustain healing in high-mobility combat, although the new skill book Totem Projection also greatly alleviates this. If you can strengthen it to the highest level, it may be more powerful, but it may cost a lot of SOD Gold WoW. The recovery tree and rotation focus more on AoE healing than individual healing, which is very powerful for fights where many party members will take damage, but disappointing for bosses that only target tanks.

It doesn’t help that the Shaman also has one of the weaker spell lists for ranged casters, so while not healing the Shaman, it doesn’t provide the same DPS as a Priest or Mage. Still, Restoration Shamans are far from the worst SoD healers – they’re just not as useful or effective as other options yet.

Paladin: Not as powerful as the first stage, but still a good choice


In the first phase, Paladins and Priests are almost evenly matched in terms of the best SoD healer class, as they are both able to support one side in various powerful ways in the end-game Phase 1 content. Priests offer more utility than Paladins, though, and with the launch of Phase 2, Paladins have fallen a bit behind.

Runes like Beacon of Light and Inspiration Exemplar, which are already very useful, become even more powerful in Season of Discovery, reaching a higher level.However, with the introduction of Phase 2, other healer classes received more useful support spells than the Paladin, and their new runes weren’t as impactful as those offered by the Druids and Priests.

Paladins are arguably the best general team support class due to their various blessings. But the more specific buffs available to Druids (Melee Wild Strike) and Priests (Power Word: Fortitude) are more powerful than what Paladins offer in the second phase.

Druid: Pretty much the best healer around – it just doesn’t have the dispel or stamina buff


In classic World of Warcraft, restoration druids were semi-decent healers. They don’t have access to the party utility and debuffs provided by the Paladin or Priest classes, but the Druid provides the best healing over time and is pretty high in AoE healing power.

Where the Druid falls behind is in its lack of ability to regenerate a single target from a massive health loss in an emergency, and the new runes in phase one don’t provide much of a boost to their healing potential. Priests have Penance and Prayer of Mending, two means of increasing their healing output. Paladins’ Beacon of Light can double their healing output, and these two classes have the most practicality in the team compared to Druid.

But with the second phase and the new runes and abilities available at level 40, the Druid has replaced the Paladin as the most effective Raid healer in SoD (besides the Priest). Of course, if you are willing to spend WOW SOD Gold For Sale to buy a large number of items that enhance the healing ability, then Priest’s healing ability will not be stronger than yours.

Their first phase of runes, Wild Growth, along with the new skill books and nourishment runes, have proven to be incredibly powerful in almost every endgame set content. Additionally, Druid brings his own buffs, as well as the Wild Strike buff that melee DPS actually needs. They have the disadvantage of not being able to dispel certain effects like the Priest, and not quite matching the power and team-wide utility of Power Word: Fortitude.

Priest: Still the best healing class in SoD Phase 2


Priests are still the best SoD healers in Phase 2 for a few key reasons, despite the other classes getting some buffs to their support abilities. The class was already the best healer in World of Warcraft Classic due to its wide variety of spells suitable for almost any healing situation, and with its new Priest SoD rune, it’s better than ever.

Clerics gain access to one of the most powerful spells through runes, such as Penance as part of the 2nd-level Rune Introductory quest. Circle of Healing and Prayer of Healing significantly increase the Priest’s AoE healing capabilities, while Soul Power and Fate are both powerful passive abilities that improve players’ existing spell lists.

In the second phase, Priests gain the Shadow Demon skill book to address mana regeneration in combat, as well as runes that extend the effects of Power Word: Fortitude. The Pain Suppression Rune is one of the best emergency defenses in the game, and Dispel is a great way to avoid threats, clear debuffs, and heal over time.

Importantly, Priests have the Dispel Magic ability, which can remove harmful effects from their allies – invaluable for both ultimate PvE and PvP. Paladins don’t gain access to similar abilities until level 42 (Purify), and other healers don’t gain access to such abilities at all. They have the best AoE of all healing classes in WoW Classic, the best emergency mega heals, the best defense, and the best overall support toolkit. The other healers are good and capable of completing the final content of the game, but the Priest is still number one.

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