Yearender 2021: Lifestyle changes that we embraced in 2021 | Health

Year ender 2021: With the world going through a rapid change under the scare of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of changes were initiated by people to adapt to the growing culture of work from home, healthy living and embracing life. As we walked away from the unlucky year of 2020, we stepped into 2021 with hope, a promise of a healthier lifestyle. However, the different variants of coronavirus soon made their way into our lives and brought back the fresh trauma of the pandemic. To live a life blessed of health, happiness and immunity, it was necessary that we initiate these lifestyle changes in 2021.

Work from culture – With the coronavirus spreading rapidly, the need for social distancing became a necessity in order to keep ourselves safe from the virus. What started as a temporary thing in 2020, became a way of life in 2021 – obviously we are talking about the work from home culture. But it also brought its own perks. We saved time on the commute and spent more time with our family.(
Healthier lifestyle – Eating unhealthily, refraining from workouts and yoga is so 2020 – in 2021, we embraced life with a newer perspective. With the pandemic scare all around, the need of having a healthier lifestyle became a shield for us to fight the virus. From taking up workouts to meditation and yoga, we loved our body and mind a lot more.(
Boost immunity – The coronavirus attacked anyone and everyone. But the ones with a stronger immunity could fight back. Hence, we paid more attention to boosting our immunity through healthy eating, healthy drinking, ayurveda practices and workouts.(
Shift to healthier food – Eating junk, street food, oily food, extra fats was unanimously rejected. The shift to healthier food practices and having a balanced diet loaded with the nutrients required for the body became a trending and a much-needed lifestyle change of 2021.(
Embracing nature – The work from home culture also opened a window of opportunity – work from anywhere. Many people took the long-postponed trips to the hills, beaches and forests. They embraced nature as well as got their work done.(

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